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A sweet blend of fun cosmetics and shorter, forgiving function, the ECHO Gecko is the industry’s only high-performance rod built specifically for kids – whether they’re eight or eighty. EVA foam makes it durable and easy-to-hold, while a 2″/5cm  fighting butt helps the little ones cast with two hands.

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The Gecko is the ultimate fishing tool for little guys and gals. With a modest, forgiving action and kid/hippy-friendly cosmetics, the Gecko is ready for action. Featuring a small lower grip for two-handed casting, the Gecko can be fished with one or two hands. Also available as a rod/reel/line package that comes strung up and primed for the water.

BTW the Gecko combined with a 150gr OPST Commando Smooth makes a fantastic micro-spey outfit, not just for kids …

Gecko Panfish  476-4
Available as a rod or a complete kit with rod, reel, leader, line and backing!

Gecko Trout  479-4
Available as a rod or a complete kit with rod, reel, leader, line and backing!

Model Overview Table

ECHO GECKO Model Overview

ECHO-GECKOPAN7'6"/231cm#4467gMed Fast
ECHO-GECKOTROUT7'9"/236cm #4 / #5475gMed Fast

Action vs Power Comparison - Single Hand

Action vs Power Comparison
The Action vs. Power matrix is used for comparison between ECHO rod models. Utilizing this chart, you’ll be able to choose an ECHO rod that best fits you and your personal casting stroke. The vertical axis indicates the rod’s power, while the horizontal axis indicates the rod’s action. In simple terms, single-hand rod action is derived from the top half of the rod, while power is derived from the bottom half.

Fast action rods feature softer tips than medium action rods and provide a ‘stiffer’ feel. Fast action rods excel in the hands of anglers with more aggressive casting strokes and greater stroke control. Medium action rods are ideal for anglers with more fluid casting strokes and have a larger ‘sweet spot’ for a wider range of casting strokes. Consistently throwing a tailing loop? Your rod’s action may not be a good fit to you and your casting stroke.

A rod’s power is its resistance to flexing under load. Powerful rods are ‘beefier’ through the bottom half, generate higher line speeds, and are more adept at keeping big fish pinned. Delicate rods are more presentation-oriented, protect light tippet, and are a better choice for picky fish.

Further Information

Rajeff Sports would like your ECHO experience to be a good one and we ask that you take care of your equipment with the following regular maintenance.
Wash all components with warm freshwater after each day’s use in saltwater. Pay extra attention to the space where the guides meet the blank and the metal parts of the reel seat. Try to keep sand and dirt out of the ferrules. Occasionally use a few drops of any reel oil or grease on the reel seat threads to keep it operating smoothly. Paraffin wax can also be used on the ferrules if needed to ensure a proper fit.
Do Not
Do not use tape on your ferrules. If you do we’ll come to steal all your bacon and PBR.